Internet of Things: Siralab Robotics



on 6 March 2015

Siralab Robotics has engineered and built an autonomous surface vehicle named TRASIBOT for environmental monitoring and surveillance tasks, focused on the evaluation of water quality and on providing seabed mapping.

Development and production environments are based on Ubuntu OS and on ROS/GazeboSim system which represent the best solution for process design and simulation and finally for a quick system prototyping.

Our idea is to use new technologies like Snappy Ubuntu Core and ROS  in order to provide a standard platform able to support developers to write application to handle sensors as well as control interfaces. These applications can be first tested in a simulated environment and then executed directly on TRASIBOT in a safe and reliable way.

Each application can be used in tasks involving real-time sensor analysis or navigation algorithms.

Siralab Robotics is a company that operates in the field of robotics with special reference to unmanned technologies. The company was founded as a spin off from the academic department of Electrical Engineering of University of Perugia in 2007. Its core business is designing applications for unmanned robotics systems (surface and aerial) in the field of the environmental monitoring and surveillance.

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