Predictive Maintenance on Industrial Turbines Explained via Duct Tape

Maarten Ectors

Maarten Ectors

on 8 April 2015

In the world of IoT all consultancy slides talk about predictive maintenance as being the “Killer Industrial IoT App”. However Dataart took the theory to a very easy to understand demo thanks to some duct tape. Via the use of a simple accelerometer and their open source DeviceHive solution on top of Snappy Ubuntu Core and Juju Charms anybody can build a predictive maintenance prototype involving industrial IoT, Cloud and Big Data easily. Their video shows how a balanced ventilator with an accelerometer gives a steady vibration pattern. However by attaching a bit of duck tape to one of the blades, there is a substantial increase in vibration that can easily trigger an alarm and as such kick-off a preventive maintenance workflow.

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