Telco Demos With Juju: APIdaze

James Donner

James Donner

on 12 February 2016

From Big Data to web services, there is so much that can be made with our service modeling tool Juju. As we count down to Mobile World Congress, we’ll be diving into the telco focused Juju solutions that make deploying innovative SaaS services simple.

APIdaze provides an API for building telecom services and web applications. Using the REST API, developers can collect phone numbers, make calls, send SMS, fax, manage SIP accounts, and more. APIdaze recently joined the Charm Partner Programme and are currently charming both and Widget4Call. The combination of their API solutions with the ease of Juju Charms will enable users to create, deploy, scale and integrate telecom and web applications within minutes.

One example of a telecom application enabled by APIdaze is the click-to-call service Widget4Call. Widget4Call is a simple HTML & JavaScript code that can be inserted into a website to allow users to contact companies at the click of a button. Enabling a quick solution for inquiries on the web can reduce cart abandonment as well as leading to an increase in sales.

But what about the configuration stage? If a service operator was to install this service, the API would most likely need to be replicated on the operator’s infrastructure. With Juju, instancing the web server becomes an incredibly simple process. Just how simple? See for yourself in this video demonstration from TADsummit Lisbon.

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