Intel and Canonical continue to build large IoT gateway ecosystems

Thibaut Rouffineau

Thibaut Rouffineau

on 2 March 2016

Over the past year Intel and Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) have been working together to launch a number of new devices in the IoT space. In less than 9 months we have successfully brought to market a number of IoT gateways and reference designs, which have captured the attention of a number of product managers and enterprises. These key IoT gateway ecosystem players understand that together, snappy Ubuntu Core and x86 processors provide the fundamental building blocks for delivering IoT solutions.

Last week, in an effort to meet the high demand for product details, multiple hands-on snappy Ubuntu Core workshops took place at the Taipei Intel Technology Training Center. The training was jointly organized by Intel and Canonical and attended by over 60 industry OEMs and ODMs.

The full day workshops featured interactive presentations, discussions and hands-on Intel® NUC device enablement — educating participants on how to deliver commercially viable IoT gateway solutions. This event introduced key IoT ecosystem players to how to develop, build, manufacture, support, and enable a continuous revenue stream for an IoT gateway based upon Ubuntu Core with “Intel inside”.

During the workshop, demonstrations on how to install snappy Ubuntu Core on Intel® NUC took place. Participants were shown how to turn the mini PC into a wireless gateways. Gateways running with  snappy Ubuntu Core are secure and easy to manage. Additionally the participants learned how new functions and services can be easily added to the existing hardware through a click of a mouse, and how new apps can be created using simple app packaging solutions like snapcraft.

Not a day goes by without an analyst or a journalist mentioning the Internet of Things (IoT) and the huge opportunities it offers for device manufacturers, enterprises and consumers. Just like  the number of OEMs and ODMs at the workshop many are looking at the opportunities in IoT gateways. To discover how Ubuntu Core on x86-based architectures can be used to build solutions in the industrial, digital signage, smart city or building automation, check out the new Intel® NUC, the IOT reference development board for Ubuntu Core

Internet of Things

From home control to drones, robots and industrial systems, Ubuntu Core and Snaps provide robust security, app stores and reliable updates for all your IoT devices.

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