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Design and Web team summary – 13 August 2018

Anthony Dillon

Anthony Dillon

on 13 August 2018

Welcome to the latest work and updates from the design and web team.

The team manages all web projects across Canonical. From www.ubuntu.com to the Juju GUI we help to bring beauty and consistency to all the web projects.


The web team were asked to take over the development of mir-server.io. This has begun by moving the site over to the web teams infrastructure on Kubernetes. The site has also been redesigned including a reference arch diagram.

The content that relies on external feeds throughout www.ubuntu.com had issues. This included the partner’s logo feed and resources which is loaded from the Ubuntu blog. These issues have been fixed and improved the feed reliability.

The search on www.ubuntu.com has been based on our Google search appliance for many years. This product from Google has been discontinued and therefore we switched to a hosted Google custom search solution.

We were unable to release partners.ubuntu.com due to issues with the application. This has been fixed and we are now able to release the site again. The partners IBM page has been rewritten and redesigned.

Introduced multiple workers for our Python websites, so they can handle more traffic.

Updated the global-nav module with the brand new design and content. With a new login menu to link users to areas of login.



We have continued to improve the infrastructure of the MAAS UI by converting the “storage partition form”, “add machine”, “special file system” to components.

Design/UX has been working on improving the header action menu component in the MAAS UI to make integrations move clear.



Completed the conversion of jujucharms.com to the latest version of Vanilla framework.

Subiquity user testing have been organised and arranged for next iteration.



Create an IoT category page on snapcraft.io which will be live shortly – We worked with Marketing to create a new page to showcase relevant blog posts and snaps related to Internet of Things with the aim of raising awareness about the benefits of using snaps on the IoT space. We are still waiting some changes into docs and build.snapcraft.io before we deploy this content into production.

Marketo e-mail campaigns – All emailing communications done using Marketo from snapcaft.io (We ported 33 e-mails for onboarding, build tips and other platform comms) use the unified e-mail template that follows Vanilla look and feel. Next steps will be to make the content more visual and work wtih branding on how to extend the brand beyond the header.

Aligned the general styling of build.snapcraft.io and snapcraft.io to be more harmonious. Aligning the header styling and page width to make the experience better between the sites.



The vanillaframework.io  website has been moved to the web teams Kubernetes infrastructure including new stylised the header of the pages across the pages.

We didn’t have a mobile solution that worked when viewing the documentation menu, so we wanted to improve this and enable users to have a better mobile experience. We explored a variety of ideas but decided on bringing both site and documentation menus into one tab. This meant we could recover vertical space and have a visible open-tab state for ‘Patterns’ and ‘About’ which lets users now open the other option without closing the other one first.

A Vanilla showcase page has been designed to show a list of existing sites using Vanilla

The sketch file which is available on the website has been updated to match the latest components v1.8.0



The multipass logo has been designed and will be finalised soon.

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