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Unity8: a project that uses Mir

By Alan Griffiths, 19 December 2018

Unity8 is a graphical shell targeting a range of devices and form factors including phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Unity8 uses the facility to customize Mir’s default window management to give its “convergent” experience. In…

How mir-kiosk enables a graphical IoT using Mir

By Alan Griffiths, 4 October 2018

If you have a problem… if you just need support for one fullscreen application… and, if you can use snaps… maybe you can use… mir-kiosk. Many devices need to provide some sort of graphical output or display (with…

Fing snaps up 30,000 customers with a secure, future-proof IoT device

By Sarah Dickinson, 28 June 2018

The number of IoT devices set to be in use worldwide is due to explode depending on the source over the next couple of years. According to Gartner, the figure is set to be as much as 20.4 bn devices by 2020 with consumer products…

BotsAndUs build a social robot on Ubuntu

By Sarah Dickinson, 16 April 2018

As robotics become increasingly prevalent in all sectors and expand outside the manufacturing industry, it is no surprise that IDC predicts worldwide spending on robotics to reach $103bn in 2018. A UK based startup, BotsAndUs, are looking…

Silph Road embraces cloud and containers with Canonical

By Canonical, 11 December 2017

With massive user demand and with volunteer developers located all over the world, The Silph Road’s operations must be cost-effective, flexible, and scalable. This led the Pokémon GO network first to cloud, and then to containers and in… achieves simplicity through snaps

By Sarah Dickinson, 11 December 2017

Switching to snaps, Rocket.Chat has been able to get its product into the hands of users with as few steps as possible, switching a multi-stage set-up process for a single command and instant installation.

Commercetools’ next-generation ecommerce platform

By luciadecastro, 6 December 2017

Using a Software-as-a-Service model, open source philosophy, and strong support of an API and microservices architecture, Commercetools enables their customers to rapidly build unique shopping experiences without having to change their…

Ubuntu Core manages 25m data points a minute

By Sarah Dickinson, 30 November 2017

IMS Evolve’s systems monitor 25 million data points every minute of every day and manage almost 98,000 sites across 12 countries. Learn how they adopted Ubuntu Core on Dell Edge Gateways to run the cold-chain solutions of some of the most…

Ubuntu Core and snaps for easy IoT deployment

By Sarah Dickinson, 26 October 2017 has grown to over 10,000 registered users, but with such growing demand, they needed a quicker way to deliver their systems and applications. With a philosophy of using flexible and open technologies, discovered snaps…

Cinergy makes significant digital signage savings using Ubuntu Core

By Sarah Dickinson, 24 October 2017

Based in Dallas, Texas, Cinergy operates a chain of three cinema entertainment centres (CECs) with ambitious expansion plans. CECs are an all in one entertainment venue incorporating cinemas, restaurants, bowling and other activities such…

AZLOGICA use Ubuntu Core for customised IoT agricultural solutions

By Sarah Dickinson, 3 July 2017

Shrimps are now considered as the most lucrative seafood product with demand growing from consumers due to their high nutritional value. This is reflected in the export figures with the two largest exporters of shrimps, Ecuador and India,…

How Ubuntu helped InnovaPOS revolutionise the vending machine industry

By Sarah Dickinson, 3 July 2017

The smart vending machines market is on the rise with estimates of 2.7 million to be sold by 2020 with Asia Pacific predicted to be the fastest growing region with a CAGR of 15% over the same period. It is this opportunity that Spanish…