17 posts from December 2013

The next decade of innovation | Ubuntu at Le Web 2013, Paris

By Canonical, 5 December 2013

Over the last decade, we’ve seen the arrival of the first smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other connected devices; the Web completely transformed with the introduction of the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia; cloud services, music…

Ubuntu helps millions of Indian students to learn

By Canonical, 4 December 2013

Ubuntu and its hardware partners like HP are at the forefront of supplying computers to Indian students. Government in India understands that IT literacy will help drive the already fast-growing Indian economy into the sustainably…

The Weather Channel comes to Ubuntu on smartphones

By Canonical, 4 December 2013

The Ubuntu phone is developing fast. Today, it includes all the functionality you’d expect from a smartphone and, with growing support from App partners, relevant apps will be included on Ubuntu smartphones from launch. We’re working with…

App Design Clinic #5

By Canonical, 3 December 2013

Over the last few months we have been running the App Design Clinic and we want to thank you for all your submissions, contribution and feedback! The Design Clinic happens every two weeks and the last one co-incided with vUDS, so we…

vUDS November: Design Track sum up!

By Canonical, 2 December 2013

On 19-21 November we had our vUDS where we got to discuss and share with the community some of the design work we’ve been doing recently. Our topics ranged from our design blog to convergence designs to Juju GUI cloud to icon…