17 posts from February 2013

Canonical exhibiting at CeBIT 5-9 March 2013

By Canonical, 14 February 2013

We are exhibiting at this year’s CeBIT event on March 5-9th, 2013 in Hannover Germany, in conjunction with our partner in the region, and we’re giving away number of free tickets to selected customers and partners. If…

Announcing the App Design Guides

By Canonical, 13 February 2013

We’re very excited to have just released the first version of the App Design Guides, the go-to destination to design and build beautiful and usable apps for Ubuntu on phones! There is also a very handy Ubuntu user interface toolkit preview…

Talking about gestures to Fast Company

By Canonical, 7 February 2013

Presenting Ubuntu on phones last month caused a bit of a stir in the tech press. One of the main takeaways has been its assertion on an interface that’s based on direct and instant access to common functions via the edges of the…

Ubuntu tablet press pack

By Canonical, 1 February 2013

Ubuntu is a popular desktop OS that now offers a touch-based tablet interface, using gestures from all four edges of the screen to deliver a more immersive experience. It uniquely enables convergence of the mobile and PC worlds, boasting a…

Media FAQ for press pack: tablet

By Graham Bancroft, 1 February 2013

What is Canonical announcing? What makes it so different from anything available on the market today? What is the target market for Ubuntu tablets? Is it simply a ‘blown-up’ version of the phone OS? Is there a version of Ubuntu for every…