27 posts from March 2016

Flexwebhosting spins up services in record time with Canonical

By Alexia Emmanoulopoulou, 14 March 2016

Flexwebhosting is one of the largest web hosting providers in the Netherlands with over 60,000 customers and houses over 6,500 web servers in different data centers in Amsterdam. Working with Canonical and choosing its managed cloud…

Delivering Cloud Storage using Ubuntu

By Christian Reis, 14 March 2016

Are you offering cloud storage solutions to your end-customers? You could be, and given the potential, we reckon you should be. In the past 5 years software-defined storage (SDS) platforms like Ceph and Swift have evolved dramatically;…

LXD 2.0: Introduction to LXD

By Stéphane Graber, 14 March 2016

This is the first blog post in this series about LXD 2.0.

The LXD 2.0: Blog post series [0/12]

By Stéphane Graber, 14 March 2016

As we are getting closer and closer to tagging the final releases of LXC, LXD and LXCFS 2.0, I figured it would be a good idea to talk a bit about everything that went into LXD since we first started that project a year and a half ago.…

Juju GUI 2.1.0 – Juju 2.0 support and improvements to model creation

By hatch, 10 March 2016

We are excited to announce a new major release of the Juju GUI with support for Juju 2.0 (currently in beta). Juju 2.0 brings with it a ton of improvements, but one we’d like to highlight is the ability to create new models without needing…

Canonical Cloud Chatter: February 2016

By James Donner, 4 March 2016

February was dominated by Mobile World Congress preparations, followed by an intense week in Barcelona. In parallel, we worked on our latest webinar, launched a new OpenStack cloud solution, and started planning for the OpenStack Summit in…

Pentaho Data Integration quickly with Juju

By Guest, 3 March 2016

Tom Barber at Meteorite explains how beneficial Juju Charms has been when migrating customer services from old, tricky servers. I promised a demo of Juju GUI in my earlier blog and we’ve worked hard on a Pentaho Data Integration charm, so…

Ubuntu and Startups are a match made in code

By Amrisha Prashar, 3 March 2016

We’ve just come back from an awesome MWC! Not only did we showcase new tablets, phones and developments in Cloud, but we had a whole wall dedicated to IoT established companies and startups using Ubuntu Core. Our partner startups ranged…

Why does reinventing the Personal Mobile experience matter?

By Amrisha Prashar, 3 March 2016

We released our first tablet last month, the M10 Ubuntu Edition which is the first of our fully converged devices that changes the Personal Mobile Computing Experience as we know it. It has an adaptive user experience that can transform…

The value of the Ubuntu community

By Amrisha Prashar, 3 March 2016

Without the community, Ubuntu would not exist. Ubuntu software is free and accessible to all and without the rich contributions, it wouldn’t be the service and brand it is today. The community is welcoming to people of all background and…

Cognitive computing, Ubuntu and POWER8

By Ellen Arnold, 2 March 2016

Create a competitive advantage with cognitive computing, and see how IBM has brought back innovation with the OpenPOWER foundation. Last week we attended IBM InterConnect 2016, where we showcased Ubuntu OpenStack, MAAS and Juju on IBM…

Intel and Canonical continue to build large IoT gateway ecosystems

By Thibaut Rouffineau, 2 March 2016

Over the past year Intel and Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) have been working together to launch a number of new devices in the IoT space. In less than 9 months we have successfully brought to market a number of IoT gateways and…