23 posts from April 2010

Ubuntu Server and Apache Tomcat – refreshed and supported together with MuleSoft

By Canonical, 22 April 2010

Earlier this year, MuleSoft approached us with the desire to partner and offer to work with Canonical to improve our default java container, Tomcat, for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server. The idea was to make Tomcat on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS easier to…

It’s good to talk

By Canonical, 22 April 2010

Only a few posts in and our design blog is teeming with lively debate! Don’t forget that you can comment on these posts but if you feel an idea warrants a more open or broad conversation bring them over to the Ayatana mailing list.…

CHI paper: What would other programmers do: suggesting solutions to error messages

By Canonical, 22 April 2010

Abstract Interpreting compiler errors and exception messages is challenging for novice programmers. Presenting examples of how other programmers have corrected similar errors may help novices understand and correct such errors. This paper…

Farewell to the notification area

By Matthew Paul Thomas, 21 April 2010

Ubuntu is phasing out the traditional Gnome notification area, because of its ineffectiveness at notifying people of things, and its inconsistent behavior. Many programs that previously used the notification area should use other…

Ubuntu wallpapers

By Canonical, 21 April 2010

In case anyone is missing their favourite wallpapers from Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) in 10.4 (Lucid Lynx) there is good news!The ubuntu-wallpapers-extra package is installable from the universe repository. In order to install it…

Canonical and Dell deliver Ubuntu Moblin Remix Developer Edition

By Canonical, 21 April 2010

Canonical, Dell and Intel Team up to deliver Moblin Ubuntu Remix Developer Edition on Inspiron Mini 10v Canonical and Dell have collaborated to bring the latest developer edition of the Moblin™ v2 user experience to the developer…

What makes a good design critic?

By Canonical, 21 April 2010

While at CHI earlier this week, I went along to a session with the same title as this blog post. I was looking for some inspiration, something to take to a UDS (Ubuntu Developer Summit) session perhaps, something to turn into a blog post,…

Reasons to celebrate 15th April 2010

By Canonical, 15 April 2010

Karmic saw the first community wallpaper competition and delivered us a beautiful set of photographs for our desktops. Last cycle’s winners were this cycles judges and everyone has delivered. Ladies and gentlemen I give…

My image of the day

By Canonical, 14 April 2010

An example of Gemma Correll’s work.

The process of certainty. And mojitos.

By Canonical, 7 April 2010

You know that feeling when you know someone very well and you buy them a present? You know they will love it and you are excited at the very thought of their delight? Part of you is a little scared though. A few butterflies in the stomach.…

The Digital Economy Bill: Bananas!

By Canonical, 3 April 2010

Over at Confused of Calcutta, JP Rangaswami has written a crystal clear article on why we should be concerned about the content and treatment of the Digital Economy Bill. Wherever you live, whatever your interests I urge you to read…