4 posts from February 2008

System 76 rocks!

By Canonical, 26 February 2008

System 76 were one of the first (the first?) to provide Ubuntu pre-installed on their excellent desktop and laptop machines. Carl Richell and the guys have been cranking them out in Denver Colarado for a couple of years. Recently though…

System76 announces servers with Ubuntu 7.10 and Canonical support services

By Canonical, 26 February 2008

System76 Inc., a leading provider of Ubuntu pre-installed laptops and desktops, today announced the first available line of certified, pre-installed servers featuring Ubuntu 7.10 Server Edition — delivering a new choice in quality…

Mo' Dell

By Canonical, 22 February 2008

You might have missed it but Dell has expanded the availability of machines running Ubuntu to Canada and Latin America. New territories seem to be becoming almost commonplace, which is nice. Lest we forget, consumers can now buy a Dell…

Obsidian to provide official Ubuntu Linux training in South Africa

By Canonical, 8 February 2008

Obsidian has partnered with Canonical to provide certified Ubuntu training in South Africa. Obsidian has announced that it will soon commence official training for the 'Ubuntu Certified Professional' programme. Obsidian has…