27 posts from July 2013

Differentiation without fragmentation

By Victor Tuson Palau, 2 July 2013

When it comes to mobile devices, there’s a thin line between differentiation and fragmentation. Differentiation is enabling phone manufacturers and carriers to put their own stamp not just on the outside of the phone but also on the…

Unlocking the phone

By Canonical, 2 July 2013

Edges are special to us. We use them for finding apps, tools and system services, so using the edges will be second nature to Ubuntu phone users. By using the launcher, how to launch your favourite app will become ingrained in your muscle…

The Juju Charm Championship begins

By Mark Baker, 1 July 2013

Ubuntu developer contest offers $10,000 for the most innovative charms Developers around the world are already saving time and money thanks to Juju, and now they have the opportunity to win money too. Today marks the opening of the Juju…