11 posts from September 2014

Ubuntu and HP’s Moonshot extend the benefit of the ARM architecture to the data centre

By John Zannos, 30 September 2014

Hyperscale, scale out and cloud computing are the hot topics in the server space today. Driven by increasing Internet traffic, massive amounts of data and widespread adoption of Linux-based open source workloads, companies ranging from…

Juju Machine View: more control at your fingertips

By Canonical, 26 September 2014

The Juju UI Engineering team has been hard at work on a whole new way to visualise your Juju deployments. Juju provides a unique perspective on your workloads as it focuses on the services that perform the work and less on the hardware…

Oracle and Canonical collaborate on support for Oracle Linux on Ubuntu

By John Zannos, 23 September 2014

Canonical and Oracle are collaborating to offer customers support for both Ubuntu and Oracle Linux as fully supported guests on one another’s respective OpenStack offerings. As part of this collaboration, Canonical will support Ubuntu as a…

Cycling in London

By Jane Silber, 12 September 2014

As the CEO of Canonical, I am proud of the growth of the team in London. From a team of 5 around a kitchen table in London 10 years ago, the business has grown to 650 employees globally of which over 100 are based in London. Like many…

Canonical and Ubuntu at dConstruct

By Canonical, 11 September 2014

Brighton is not just a lovely seaside town, mostly known for being overcrowded in Summer by Londoners in search for a bit of escapism, but also the home of a thriving community of designers, makers and entrepreneurs. Some of these people…

Supporting net neutrality and the Internet Slowdown

By Robin Winslow, 9 September 2014

On 10th September 2014, Canonical are joining in with Internet Slowdown day to support the fight for net neutrality. Along with Reddit, Tumblr, Boing Boing, Kickstarter and many more sites, we will be sporting banners on our main sites,…

Instant Big Data and other solutions

By Maarten Ectors, 3 September 2014

For each new technology that becomes trendy you can buy a book with an animal on the cover. The first chapters will guide you through installing, integrating and scaling the new technology. This was fine when software was just a couple of…

Meeting evolving IT needs at the University of Nantes, France

By Canonical, 2 September 2014

Challenge Universities have diverse computing needs. There are full-time students, part-time students, teaching staff, technical staff and administrators to consider – all with differing levels of experience and in some cases, long-held…

Come and meet us at dConstruct

By Luca Paulina, 2 September 2014

Ubuntu is sponsoring the dConstruct “Living with the network” event on the 5th of September at the Brighton Dome. Stop by for a chat with the team, grab some goodies and enter our competition for a chance to win an Ubuntu Phone.

Your guest, your choice: running Windows Server on Ubuntu OpenStack

By Canonical, 2 September 2014

It is no secret that Ubuntu is by far the most popular cloud guest OS on the world’s major public clouds. Figures range from 55-75% depending on the source and the cloud provider in question, but it’s something we are very proud of and a…

BootStack – taking away the pain of cloud management

By Canonical, 1 September 2014

BootStack (short for: build, operate, and optionally transfer) is the new offering from Canonical to round up its cloud portfolio. Utilising their experience in working with some of the world’s leading telcos and enterprises to build…