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Design and Web team summary – 10 May 2019

By Peter Mahnke on 19 May 2019

It was another busy iteration for the web and design team, trying to get a lot of work wrapped up before we head off to Lyon, France for our 19.10 Roadmap cycle kick-off.

Cloud and server

Design and Web team summary – 29 March 2019

By Peter Mahnke on 29 March 2019

This was a busy two weeks for the Web & Design team at Canonical. Many of the things we worked on will be completed in the next iteration, but here are some of the highlights of our completed work. New JetBrains publisher…

Cloud and server
Cloud and server

Webinar: How to get started with your Kubernetes strategy

By Peter Mahnke on 9 June 2017

On-demand webinar Kubernetes and containers are an exciting and evolving technology which can be daunting for teams and organisations to plan for. As the landscape evolves, building a strategy around containers and finding a good place to…

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Planning a cathedral at the bazaar

By Peter Mahnke on 6 November 2013

So I am stretching the metaphor a bit, but I think it accurately explains my experience of the recent cloud sprint in San Francisco. The week starts with some presentations and talks about where we are now and where we want to be from a…