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All you need to know about designing, building and managing your Openstack private cloud, Kubernetes cluster or Ubuntu Server scale‑out deployment.

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Cloud and server

Video: Managed OpenStack upgrades

By Alexia Emmanoulopoulou on 8 May 2017

The process of upgrading OpenStack releases can be challenging, given the many moving parts and the cadence of releases. In this use case video, Juan Carliante, Cloud Reliability Engineer for Canonical explains how Canonical’s…

Cloud and server

Video tutorial: learn how to install MAAS

By Alexia Emmanoulopoulou on 27 March 2017

This short video offers step-by-step instructions on how to install MAAS (Metal as a Service) to your machine. Before you start you’ll need: One small server for MAAS and at least one server which can be managed with a BMC. It is…

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Cloud and server

Deploying Kubernetes on bare metal

By Jorge O. Castro on 15 February 2017

Fast forward to 6 minutes, 42 seconds to begin the demo. In this demo Marco Ceppi deploys a fully functional Kubernetes cluster on 10 nodes. If you’re interested in bare metal Kubernetes, we invite you to join us and other…

Cloud and server

Juju Charmer Summit: Juju and Docker

By Jorge O. Castro on 29 February 2016

 Docker is a great tool for developers, and Ubuntu is the number one platform for deployments by a wide margin. With Juju, deploying Docker is as easy as a visit to the charm store. Join Canonical’s Charles Butler to learn about the…

Cloud and server

Juju Office Hours for February 2016

By Jorge O. Castro on 17 February 2016

Come join the Charmer Summit After Party! We’re back from FOSDEM and Config Management Camp! In this session we’ll talk about the events, topics covered, and give you a sneak peek of what’s coming up in Juju 2.0.

Cloud and server

Juju GUI 2.0.3 released

By Jorge O. Castro on 17 February 2016

The latest release of the Juju GUI has just been packaged up and brings with it a number of small but important bug fixes: Fixed an issue where deploying the same charm multiple times would generate invalid charm names. Fixed an issue…

Cloud and server

Introducing Juju Resources

By Jorge O. Castro on 15 February 2016

The Juju team have been working hard on a new feature coming up in Juju 2.0 called “Juju Resources”, and we’re now at a point where we can share the goodness and call for bugs/feedback! As noted in the video linked below,…

Cloud and server

Juju GUI 2.0 Release Introduction

By Jorge O. Castro on 11 February 2016

Jeff Pihach gives a run through of the new design of the latest release of the Juju GUI. We are always interested to hear what you think about the GUI and for input on what features you want to see next. We can be found on IRC on…

Cloud and server

NFV with Juniper OpenContrail and Ubuntu OpenStack: ODS Vancouver

By James Donner on 3 August 2015

 Arguably, the pressure on carriers to find new and innovative ways to develop and deliver new, sticky services has never been greater. Wannabe service providers such as Google, Amazon and Netflix, are finding ever more nimble ways to…

Cloud and server

Conducting Systems & Services: An Evening About Orchestration

By Jorge O. Castro on 31 July 2015

Orchestration of containers is one of the hottest topics in devops. Prior to Dockercon this year we thought it would be a great idea to bring in some of the thought leaders in this area and have a discussion of the challenges that face…

Cloud and server

ODS Video: Making Large-scale Data Centre Deployment Easy With MAAS

By Alexia Emmanoulopoulou on 30 July 2015

Why has cloud computing been so successful? Arguably, it’s the 70s-style pay-as-you-go model of computing that allows companies a low-cost way to build a cloud from zero. More importantly, it’s how the cloud solves the problem…