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Cloud and server

ODS Video: OpenStack Interoperability Lab

By Alexia Emmanoulopoulou on 29 July 2015

As OpenStack cloud innovation progresses, we’re focused on finding ways to fully automate OpenStack deployment. As regular readers know, part of this goal sees us work with technology vendors across the gamut of hardware, networking…

Cloud and server

Big Data: Moving from Complexity to Simplicity with Juju & Azure

By Alexia Emmanoulopoulou on 29 July 2015

Last month, we collaborated with Microsoft to hold two events in Austin and Los Angeles to showcase the power of Juju on Azure. Juju embeds DevOps best practices to let other users play and integrate in order to commoditize access to big…

Cloud and server

ODS Video: Driving quality control into OpenStack cloud development

By Alexia Emmanoulopoulou on 27 July 2015

How do we make sure Ubuntu offers the best possible ecosystem of both hardware and software components for OpenStack? Chris Kenyon talks about how we’re driving quality into the OpenStack deployment journey in the latest of our…

Cloud and server
Cloud and server

It’s all about containers! ODS keynote

By Tom Callway on 25 June 2015

It’s all about containers. All attention is turning to new and innovative variants of this cloud development technology. From LXC and Docker to our recent introduction, LXD – all signs point to an explosion in appetite for for…

Cloud and server

Mark Shuttleworth’s ODS Vancouver Keynote

By Canonical on 11 June 2015

This year’s OpenStack Summit was the most successful yet; playing host to a record number of exhibitors who excited and inspired over 5,000 visiting delegates. During the course of the week, attendees were treated to a host of…

Cloud and server

Ubuntu partner ecosystem growth continues

By John Dolen on 13 January 2015

Hear what our partners have to say. A primary reason for Ubuntu’s success is an active, and growing ecosystem of partners that work with us to build cloud solutions. This is no accident. We recognize the importance of partner solutions,…

Cloud and server

Using Flannel and etcd for LXC container networking

By Jorge O. Castro on 17 December 2014

In this demo Charles Butler shows you how to use Flannel and etcd to network LXC containers. This allows you to Juju deploy to multiple hosts instead of one machine.

Cloud and server

Charm Workshop: Writing Charms for Restrictive Networks

By Jorge O. Castro on 8 December 2014

In an ideal world your systems can reach any internet resource for whatever they need for deployment. However the real world is different, and many production networks have proxies or other restricted network policies that make writing…

Cloud and server

Charm Workshop: Debugging Juju Hooks

By Jorge O. Castro on 21 November 2014

In this charm school Charles Butler and Corey Johns go over the traditional way to debug Juju charm hooks, and Corey introduces his new Juju plugin, DHX, designed to make debugging hooks much easier. Corey’s debug hook script, DHX,…

Cloud and server

Charm Workshop: Your first five minutes of charming

By Jorge O. Castro on 18 November 2014

As part of the Ubuntu Online Summit, Charles Butler and the rest of the crew go over some things you might want to consider during your first five minutes of charming.

Cloud and server

Bare-metal magic at the Open Compute Summit

By Canonical on 14 November 2014

In the week before the OpenStack Summit, Mark Shuttleworth was a keynote speaker at the Open Compute Summit (OCP) in Paris. Mark gave an overview of the evolution of bare-metal systems, especially in the context of scale-out workloads. The…