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All you need to know about designing, building and managing your Openstack private cloud, Kubernetes cluster or Ubuntu Server scale‑out deployment.

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Cloud and server

Video: Ubuntu Cloud technologies on Dell PowerEdge servers

By Canonical on 18 November 2013

This video published by the DellTechCenter shows the optimisation of Ubuntu’s cloud technologies, “Juju” and “MAAS”, as used with the Dell PowerEdge servers. Canonical’s Kent Baxley and Dell’s Jose…

Cloud and server

Canonical keynote: building business value through interoperability

By Canonical on 5 November 2013

Watch Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical and Ubuntu, create an entire Ubuntu OpenStack cloud from scratch using building blocks chosen by his live audience at the OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong.

Cloud and server

Using Juju to deploy OpenStack

By Canonical on 26 June 2013

See how to deploy OpenStack easily on Ubuntu using Juju and the new Juju Charm Browser.

Cloud and server

Ubuntu and OpenStack

By Canonical on 7 June 2013

Ubuntu and OpenStack. Find out what makes the partnership so important.

Cloud and server

Ubuntu and BitNami

By Canonical on 29 November 2012

Learn why BitNami uses Ubuntu on Amazon Web Services to help developers adapt their applications to work on the desktop, the server and the cloud.

Cloud and server

What’s next for OpenStack?

By Canonical on 29 November 2012

OpenStack is an open source phenomenon. What started as a disruptive force for early adopting developers has morphed into the platform of choice for some of the world’s biggest clouds.

Cloud and server

What’s Ubuntu’s role in OpenStack?

By Canonical on 21 November 2012

Ubuntu is the fastest and best-supported route to creating an OpenStack cloud.

Cloud and server

What is OpenStack

By Canonical on 8 October 2012

OpenStack is big news. Canonical’s crack team of cloud experts explain why it’s going to change your business for good.