Cloud and server

Keynote: Maximizing developer velocity with containers

By James Donner on 21 December 2017

  Containers are one of the most exciting technologies in the cloud right now. But when it comes to your IT strategy, where is the best place to start? With so many different options and configurations, it’s critical that you…

Internet of Things

Amazon Greengrass launches as a snap on Ubuntu

By Canonical on 13 June 2017

Last week, Amazon launched Greengrass, their new IoT platform allowing developers to create intelligent edge software. Amazon is collaborating with a variety of manufacturers to make Greengrass available on as many devices as possible from…

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Cloud and server

Canonical’s AWSOME bridges Amazon and OpenStack clouds

By Canonical on 13 April 2012

Canonical's AWSOME bridges Amazon and OpenStack Clouds Canonical today released for beta testing a new cloud proxy, providing APIs for OpenStack that are also common to Amazon's EC2 and AWS public cloud services. The proxy, called…

Cloud and server

Mercadolibre builds 1,000-node Ubuntu cloud for IT on demand

By Canonical on 2 April 2012

Ubuntu and AWS cloud used to capture, protect and monetise data across platforms Summary Mercadolibre has risen to prominence as Latin America’s leading e-commerce and auction site. Founded in 1999 with a handful of employees, it is…

Cloud and server

Krux creates revenues from audience data and helps protect privacy

By Canonical on 31 January 2012

Ubuntu and AWS cloud used to capture, protect and monetise data across platforms Summary Krux helps website operators responsibly drive new revenues from consumer data while protecting that data from unauthorised skimming and theft. With…

Cloud and server

Janrain powers the next generation of online indentity management with Ubuntu

By Canonical on 12 January 2012

Ubuntu Cloud Guest and Amazon’s public cloud power seamless sign-on and authentication for millions of web users. Summary US technology Janrain makes it simple for web users to access new sites using their existing online accounts,…

Britain's Got Talent and The Cabinet Office – Ubuntu bedfellows in the public cloud.

By Mark Baker on 6 June 2011

Last week saw the culmination of one of the UK’s most popular TV shows – Britain’s Got Talent. The way in which this show over five series has captured the attention of the British public is quite incredible, with the majority…

Landscape 1.3 now Manages Ubuntu Server on Amazon EC2

By Canonical on 18 May 2009

Announcing the release of Landscape 1.3 – the next version of Canonical’s management and monitoring software that lets you manage multiple Ubuntu systems as easily as one. In addition, Landscape enables you to monitor all your…

Ubuntu Server on Amazon Beta

By Canonical on 16 December 2008

We have just announced our beta of Ubuntu Server Edition for cloud computing. It uses Amazon’s established cloud service EC2. We’re supplying customised images that are quick to deploy and efficient in production. The images…