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Ubuntu Desktop weekly update – February 2, 2018

By Will Cooke on 2 February 2018

GNOME As you might have already read, we’ve taken the decision to ship Xorg by default in Bionic 18.04 LTS. The Wayland session will still be available as an option at login. You can read more about that here. The Ubuntu Dock extension has…


Ubuntu Desktop Weekly Update: December 1, 2017

By Will Cooke on 1 December 2017

GNOME GNOME Disk Utility If you have snaps installed and open the Disks utility, your snaps appear as loop devices. We found this to be confusing and a bit messy, so we have proposed a fix upstream and this should be merged soon. Theme The…

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Cloud and server

Kernel Team Summary – October 18th, 2017

By Canonical on 18 October 2017

Development (Artful / 17.10) Important upcoming dates: Ubuntu 17.10 Release – Oct 19 (~1 days away) We intend to target a 4.13 kernel for the Ubuntu 17.10 release. A 4.13.4 based…

Cloud and server

Kernel Team Summary- October 11, 2017

By Canonical on 11 October 2017

October 04 through October 09 Development (Artful / 17.10) Important upcoming dates: Final Freeze – Oct 12 (~2 days away) Ubuntu 17.10 – Oct 19 (~1 week away) We intend to…


Results of the Ubuntu Desktop Applications Survey

By Dustin Kirkland on 19 September 2017

I had the distinct honor to deliver the closing keynote of the UbuCon Europe conference in Paris a few weeks ago.  First off — what a beautiful conference and venue!  Kudos to the organizers who really put together a truly…