Internet of Things

NXP and Canonical to demo Ubuntu Core on the LS1043A at Embedded World

By Canonical on 14 March 2017

The LS1043A, NXP’s quad-core ARM 64bit-powered SoC, is built for embedded networking and IoT Gateways with high throughput needs. Ubuntu Core is a versatile operating system for IoT and networking equipment based on snaps, the cross-…

Internet of Things

Ubuntu Core – how to enable aliases for your snaps commands

By David Callé on 28 January 2017

We are happy to announce that a new version of Ubuntu Core, based on snapd 2.21, has been released to the stable snaps channel yesterday. As with any stable release, your Ubuntu Core devices will update and reboot automatically. If you are…

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Internet of Things

Making your snaps available to the store using snapcraft

By Sergio Schvezov on 15 November 2016

Now that Ubuntu Core has been officially released, it might be a good time to get your snaps into the Store! Delivery and Store Concepts So let’s start with a refresher on what we have available on the Store side to manage your snaps.…

Internet of Things