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Our new team practices site, and the democratic repository behind it

By Robin Winslow on 26 January 2019

A month ago, we published our web and design team practices website, from the repository that we’ve been building up for nearly two years now. I’ll try to explain why I am so proud of it. Why practices? A strong team needs…

Cloud and server

Leading the Vanilla design system

By Karl Waghorn-Moyce on 13 September 2018

After a busy year of working on our Vanilla CSS framework, I wanted to reflect upon what I have learned, and share my thoughts on leading the design for a growing design system. How it all began Whilst working as a visual designer across…

Internet of Things
Cloud and server
Cloud and server

New starter Raul (UX designer) – “I want to challenge myself to do the most difficult things”

By Canonical on 26 July 2016

Meet the newest member of the design team, UX designer Raul Alvarez, who will be working on the Ubuntu convergence story. Raul will be bringing new ideas to improve our apps to allow for a seamless experience across all devices. We caught…

New starter Davide (Project Manager) – “A working team is very precious”

By Canonical on 27 June 2016

Meet the newest member of the Design Team, project manager Davide Casa. He will be working with the Platform Team to keep us all in check and working towards our goals. I sat down with him to discuss his background, what he thinks makes a…

SDK Convergence Sprint 2015

By Canonical on 12 June 2015

Last week the SDK team gathered in London for a sprint that focused on convergence, which consisted of pulling apart each component and discussing ways in which each would adapt to different form factors. The SDK provides off-the-shelf UI…

Community interview: Victor Thompson and Andrew Hayzen

By Canonical on 13 November 2014

Victor and Andrew are two inspiring Community developers that have devoted their spare time to contribute to the Ubuntu Touch Music App team. I sat down with them during the Washington Device Sprint in October where they told us how they…


By Canonical on 23 July 2012

We are hiring: Design Engineer

By Canonical on 6 September 2010

We are looking for a Design Engineer with superb technical and communication skills to join the Design Team. Is that you?