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Latest and greatest versions of GNOME apps on YOUR desktop!

By Ken VanDine on 24 October 2017

Want to run the latest GNOME applications on Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04 and 17.10? Actually, not just Ubuntu, many other distributions such as Fedora, Linux Mint and Debian that support snap. We have now packaged a pretty extensive list of the…


Wavebox snap: A central hub for Gmail, Outlook, Trello, Slack and more

By luciadecastro on 12 September 2017

Wavebox is an app that brings together most of the tools you’ll need on an everyday basis, like Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, Slack and more, and is now available as a snap! We had a chat with Thomas Beverley, Co-founder &…

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Hiri, the desktop snap that lets you use Microsoft Exchange on Linux

By luciadecastro on 18 July 2017

Earlier this month Hiri launched a snap, making their application very easy to be used by Linux users. We talked to Dave Power, co-founder of Hiri, to understand how this journey was and the value of snaps for his business. Install from…


Gitter and Mattermost: two desktop apps for your future chat platform

By David Callé on 15 June 2017

In the hunt for the perfect communication platform or protocol, a lot of companies are experimenting, which can lead to some confusion as not everyone is moving at the same pace: one team on IRC, another one on Slack, one on…


Vectr: a fresh take on vector graphics edition on Linux

By David Callé on 13 June 2017

There is new desktop app available in the Snap store: Vectr. A free vector graphics editor for the Web and the Linux desktop Following the Inkscape snap, there is a new vector graphics editor readily available to install. With project…


Visual Studio Code is now available as a snap on Ubuntu

By David Callé on 19 May 2017

There is a new desktop snap in the Snap store: Visual Studio Code. A versatile and open source code editor Launched in 2015 by Microsoft, Visual Studio Code has imposed itself as one of the preferred code editors in the developer…


Simplenote gives a new life to your notes

By David Callé on 17 May 2017

There’s a new desktop snap in the Snap store: Simplenote. Write in Markdown, sync, tag, collaborate and publish If you haven’t tried it yet, Simplenote brings a solid note taking utility to your day-to-day open source toolkit.…


Atom is now available as a snap for Ubuntu

By David Callé on 11 May 2017

There’s a new desktop snap in the Snap store: Atom. The hackable editor, backed by GitHub Launched in 2014, Atom has been rapidly adopted by a large community and is considered one of the top language agnostic code editors. It offers a…


Discord is now available as a snap for Ubuntu and other distributions

By David Callé on 4 May 2017

There’s a new desktop snap in the Snap store: Discord. Ever heard of Discord? Within 1.5 years of its launch Discord has become an almost mandatory tool for gamers. Adoption has been wild, from streaming to a Twitch account to voice calls…


Snap support lands in Fedora 24, 25 and 26

By David Callé on 11 April 2017

As part as our mission to get snaps running everywhere, we are pleased to announce that support for snaps has now officially landed in Fedora, starting with Fedora 24 and up. Big thanks to Neal Gompa who has been instrumental in landing…


10 snaps written in March

By didrocks on 6 April 2017

It’s that time of the month! We’ve put together a selection of top ten snaps written in March ranging from snapping an electron app through to a simple screen recorder! To recap for those that may not know, snaps are a new way…