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LXD Weekly Status #19

By Stéphane Graber on 16 October 2017

Introduction This past week, part of the team was back in New York for more planning meetings, getting the details of the next 6 months, including LXC, LXD and LXCFS 3.0 fleshed out. The rest of the team made good progress on some smaller…

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Think Cloud portable! Let Applications drive the Model

By Richard Harding on 16 October 2017

In our last intro to Modeling with Juju post we didn’t pay any attention to the hardware needed to run our workloads. We ran with Juju default…

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OpenStack Development Summary – October 13, 2017

By James Page on 13 October 2017

Welcome to the seventh Ubuntu OpenStack development summary! This summary is intended to be a regular communication of activities and plans happening in and around Ubuntu OpenStack, covering but not limited to the distribution and…

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Kubernetes the not so easy way

By Canonical on 12 October 2017

This is a guest blog by Michael Iatrou The simplest method to deploy and operate Kubernetes on Ubuntu is with conjure-up. Whether the substrate is a public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc) private virtualized environments (VMware) or bare…

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LXD Weekly status #18

By Thibaut Rouffineau on 9 October 2017

Weekly status for the week of the 2nd to the 8th of October 2017. Introduction After everyone got back home from New York City, we got back to work on LXD, LXC and LXCFS. On the LXD front, other than a large amount of bugfixes, we’ve…

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LXD Weekly Status #13: Snap data migration, Open Source Summit & more

By Stéphane Graber on 4 September 2017

Weekly status for the week of the 28th to the 3rd of September 2017. Introduction The main focus for this past week has been the preparation for LXC 2.1. We’ve now issued a call for testing and expect it to release tomorrow…

Canonical announcements

Canonical expands enterprise Kubernetes

By Canonical on 23 August 2017

Canonical supports enterprise Kubernetes on cloud and on-premises Two turnkey consulting packages for rapid deployment Support for Galactic Fog serverless, Rancher container management and Weave Cloud Reference architectures for Kubernetes…

Canonical announcements

Ubuntu 17.04 supports widest range of container capabilities

By Canonical on 13 April 2017

Ubuntu 17.04 released today, supporting Kubernetes, Docker, LXD and Snaps. This is the 26th release of Ubuntu, the world’s most widely deployed Linux OS and the leading platform for cloud and IoT operations. “The breadth and pace of open…

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USB hotplug with LXD containers

By Stéphane Graber on 29 March 2017

> USB devices in containers It can be pretty useful to pass USB devices to a container. Be that some measurement…

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NVidia CUDA inside a LXD container

By Stéphane Graber on 28 March 2017

GPU inside a container LXD supports GPU passthrough but this is implemented in a very different way than what you would expect from a virtual machine. With containers, rather than passing a raw PCI device and have the container deal…

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Run your own LXD demo server

By Stéphane Graber on 6 March 2017

> The LXD demo server The LXD demo server is the service behind <a href="https://linuxcontainers.org/lxd/try-…

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The no-nonsense way to accelerate your business with containers

By Cezzaine Zaher on 27 February 2017

Container technology has brought about a step-change in virtualisation technology. Organisations implementing containers see considerable opportunities to improve agility, efficiency, speed, and manageability within their IT environments.…