Internet of Things

Out of date software leaves you vulnerable

By Canonical on 23 March 2017

Two weeks ago, Der Spiegel wrote an article highlighting that out of date software on private clouds was leaving government and political party information vulnerable to being hacked. Given that political organisations being targeted is…

Internet of Things

An Ubuntu snap-based solution for enterprises to control their data

By Richard Collins on 22 February 2017

A factor for so many smaller enterprises today is that they are unable to take full advantage of the range of services associated with standard public cloud offerings. Privacy and control are so important to their operation that using a…

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Internet of Things

The first consumer device to run snaps: Nextcloud box

By Amrisha Prashar on 3 February 2017

The Nextcloud box is a private cloud and IoT solution for home users, giving consumers a way to take back control over their personal data. It’s an app-enabled home gateway and the first Ubuntu-Core-enabled consumer device. Snaps and…

Internet of Things

IoT Builders webinar series – 2016 recap!

By Amrisha Prashar on 9 December 2016

With it nearing the end of the year we thought we’d take this opportunity to recap on all the ‘IoT builders’ webinar series we’ve hosted in 2016. The series looks at those making a difference in the world of IoT…

Internet of Things

Nextcloud Box: The first consumer device to run snaps

By Amrisha Prashar on 5 October 2016

Last month saw the release of the Nextcloud box – the first consumer equipment to run snaps! The box is a private cloud and IoT solution for home users, giving consumers a way to take back control over their personal data. It…

Internet of Things

The making of the Nextcloud Box

By Guest on 29 September 2016

This is a guest post by Jos Poortvliet, Marketing and Communications Manager from Nexcloud. If you would like to contribute a guest post, please contact The story of the Nextcloud box – a feature in our…

Internet of Things

I took a circular saw to the Nextcloud box and you won’t believe…

By Victor Tuson Palau on 29 September 2016

…what happened next! Ok, ok.. sorry for the click-bait headline – but It is mainly true. I recently got a Nextcloud box , it was pretty easy to set up and here are some great instructions. But this box is not just a Nextcloud box, it…

Internet of Things

First setup of my Nextcloud Box

By Canonical on 27 September 2016

Article cited below by Hagen Cocoate and source here Last Saturday at Nextcloud conference in Berlin the Nextcloud Box was announced. Frank said it’s a part of his promise/desire to make the world a better place by bringing your data home.…

Internet of Things

Nextcloud Box – a private cloud and IoT solution for home users

By Thibaut Rouffineau on 16 September 2016

Companies launch Raspberry Pi-based device to enable consumers greater control over their data Stuttgart, Germany – September 16, 2016 – Nextcloud, Canonical and WDLabs, are today launching the Nextcloud Box, a secure, private, self-hosted…

Internet of Things

Webinar: Using snaps to deliver enterprise and consumer software

By Amrisha Prashar on 9 September 2016

We’ll be hosting our next webinar on using snaps to deliver enterprise and consumer software. This webinar will be hosted by Nextcloud founder Frank Karlitschek who’ll explain the story of the box and how they managed to get the…