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The new simplicity to consume DPDK

By Christian Ehrhardt on 5 May 2016

DPDK is a fast moving project comprised of a set of libraries and drivers for fast packet processing. It utilizes polling threads, huge pages, numa locality and multi core processing to achieve low latencies and a high packet processing…

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Mobile World Congress 2016, Day 4 Recap

By Canonical on 26 February 2016

Software Defined LTE 5G Radio demo at the Ubuntu booth At an event the size of Mobile World Congress, the last day is filled with the hurried rush to get everything in that you might have missed. The major topics of the day were startups…

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Mobile World Congress 2016, Day 3 Recap

By Canonical on 25 February 2016

Ubuntu OpenStack running SDN, VNFs and virtualised customer premise equipment (vCPE) The third day of Mobile World Congress was an demonstration in what’s going to be the ‘new normal’. Well, maybe not normal, but it gave us a…

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Mobile World Congress 2016, Day 2 Recap

By Canonical on 24 February 2016

Day 2 of Mobile World Congress was awesome. The overarching theme of the day was again focused on NFV (Network Functions Virtualisation). But before we get to that, I’m excited to announce that Canonical received a Best of Show award from…

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Mobile World Congress 2016, Day 1 Recap

By Canonical on 23 February 2016

Bhaskar Gorti, President, Applications and Analytics at Nokia discusses Service Modeling and NFV deploymentThis is my first Mobile World Congress (MWC), and I have to say, the event is truly huge. Canonical is here demonstrating converged…

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Canonical’s VNF PIL for NFV scale out architectures

By John Zannos on 22 February 2016

Co-authored by Nic Lemieux, Artur Tyloch and John Zannos The promise of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is to supply Service Providers a way to create and deliver new services faster. With this promise comes new complexity. Earlier…

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Telco Demos With Juju: Intro

By James Donner on 26 January 2016

In this blog series, we’ll be running through presentations featured during the Dangerous Demos session at TADsummit to show you how the next great innovations in telecom applications are only a click away with Juju. Stay tuned for…

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6WIND Partners with Canonical to Accelerate Ubuntu Cloud Networking

By Canonical on 2 December 2015

6WIND to Integrate Virtual Accelerator with Juju 6WIND, a high-performance networking software company, today announced it will work with Canonical to help customers accelerate cloud networking on Ubuntu. 6WIND Virtual Accelerator™ has…

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NFV with Juniper OpenContrail and Ubuntu OpenStack: ODS Vancouver

By James Donner on 3 August 2015

 Arguably, the pressure on carriers to find new and innovative ways to develop and deliver new, sticky services has never been greater. Wannabe service providers such as Google, Amazon and Netflix, are finding ever more nimble ways to…

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Juju for Telcos and Service Providers Pt. 2

By Artur Tyloch on 23 July 2015

In the first blog of this series I introduced Juju and how it maps to the ETSI NFV architecture at the highest level. Now I’ll dig deeper into this relationship to see how it can be leveraged by telcos and service providers. So lets…

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Juju for Telcos and Service Providers Pt. 1

By Artur Tyloch on 1 July 2015

I joined Canonical a year ago to work with the telco ecosystem – Network Operators, Communication Equipment Providers and innovative new players and startups interested in expanding or building their presence in the telco domain.…

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Juniper and Canonical: Converged Clouds and NFVs

By Tom Callway on 29 May 2015

OpenStack has quickly become the obvious choice to build Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms for hybrid and private cloud solutions, as well as carrier Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) solutions. Canonical and Juniper’s…