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Cloud and server

Keynote: Maximizing developer velocity with containers

By James Donner on 21 December 2017

  Containers are one of the most exciting technologies in the cloud right now. But when it comes to your IT strategy, where is the best place to start? With so many different options and configurations, it’s critical that you…

Internet of Things

Bubblegum-96 boards powered by Ubuntu Core

By April Wang on 28 July 2016

  We are pleased to announce that an image of Ubuntu Core is officially available for uCRobotics’ Bubblegum-96 board. The board includes an optimised Actions‘ s900 Quad-core ARM 64-bit Cortex-A53 processor running at 1.8GHz and…

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Ubuntu One file syncing code Open Sourced

By Canonical on 10 August 2015

Today, we’re happy to be open sourcing the biggest piece of our Ubuntu One file syncing service. The code we’re releasing is the server side of what desktop clients connected to when syncing local or remote changes. This is code where most…

Cloud and server
Cloud and server

Ubuntu, ARM and the public cloud

By Canonical on 2 April 2015

Ubuntu has a long history of interest and investment in supporting ARM-based hardware. Since our 10.04 release, Ubuntu has been fully compatible with the ARMv7 architecture, and in 2014 we were the first commercial Linux-based operating…

Cloud and server
Cloud and server

Could your startup use some cloud magic?

By Canonical on 24 July 2013

As a small startup, it’s frustrating to watch the big companies pushing code to production multiple times a day. In an ideal world we’d all be able to continuously deploy, but few startups have the time or skills required. That’s where…

Cloud and server

Juju GUI for continuous deployment/integration and cloud orchestration

By Canonical on 22 July 2013

Juju, the leading tool for continuous deployment, continuous integration (CI/CD), and cloud-neutral orchestration, now has a refreshed GUI with smoother workflows for integration professionals spinning up many services across clouds like…


How will consumerisation of personal devices affect the choice of OS?

By Canonical on 4 December 2012

Best of our webinars – (Relates to content in this webinar) Along with the cloud, one of the big trends in corporate IT in recent years is the consumerisation of personal computing. Telecoms contracts have made smartphones affordable…

Cloud and server

Cloud glossary and definitions

By Canonical on 8 October 2012

Cloud has created its own vocabulary, with new words and phrases to describe technologies, practices and concepts that had scarcely been imagined five or ten years ago. And while everyone can agree on the definition of some of them, others…

Cloud and server

The business case: open source maturity

By Canonical on 26 September 2012

Like nearly all companies around the world, our business has benefited massively from open source technology. Samba has helped us allow Windows users upload and share their work on the company intranet. The intranet webservers themselves…