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Canonical announces first partners to ship Ubuntu phones

By Canonical on 19 February 2014

bq and Meizu sign agreements to deliver and ship Ubuntu phones Online campaigns with bq and Meizu will make Ubuntu phones available globally Strong support for Ubuntu devices has also been received from carriers worldwide 19th February…

Phone and tablet

Growing app ecosystem for Ubuntu phones

By Canonical on 18 February 2014

It is an exciting time for Ubuntu on phones, with the ecosystem growing positively. We are delighted to announce new partnerships across key app categories from those that bring entertainment and productivity, to developer tools as well as…

Phone and tablet

Smart joins Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group

By Canonical on 12 February 2014

In its efforts to further democratize access to the Internet, Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), the leading wireless services provider in the Philippines, has joined the Carrier Advisory Group (CAG) of Ubuntu, a global forum set up to…

Phone and tablet

Vodafone joins Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group

By Canonical on 6 February 2014

Ubuntu has gained momentum for its phone offering over the last year and has attracted much interest from the mobile industry at large. So, today, we’re announcing Vodafone as the latest addition to our Carrier Advisory Group. Vodafone…


Latest Ubuntu 13.10 includes first step to mobile / PC convergence

By Canonical on 17 October 2013

13.10 desktop gains Smart Scopes and performance improvements from mobile and desktop convergence effort, paving the way for full converge across all devices. 13.10 includes the first true mobile release of Ubuntu, enabling OEMs, carriers…

Cloud and server

Ubuntu 13.10 delivers faster cloud setup and management for scale-out environments

By Canonical on 10 October 2013

Ubuntu Server 13.10 is available from 17th October; first fully supported release of the new OpenStack Havana, with faster node installation and a new version of Juju that supports ultra-dense containerised application deployment.…

Cloud and server

Ubuntu on Windows Azure gets the Juju magic

By Mark Baker on 17 September 2013

September 17th, 2013. Today, Canonical, in cooperation with Microsoft, is announcing that Juju fully supports deploying services on Ubuntu into Windows Azure. This means that Ubuntu users can use Juju with its intuitive GUI to design and…


Landscape updates Ubuntu with hyperscale management

By Canonical on 12 September 2013

Today we’re introducing some new features into Ubuntu’s systems management and monitoring tool, Landscape. Organisations will now be able to use Landscape to manage Hyperscale environments ranging from ARM to x86 low-power designs, adding…

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Crowdfunding-Kampagne für Ubuntu Edge bricht Rekorde

By Canonical on 8 August 2013

Großartige Unterstützung durch Technologie-Enthusiasten aus Deutschland Canonical hat mit seiner Crowdfunding-Initiative zur Entwicklung von Ubuntu Edge innerhalb kürzester Zeit mehr als 6 Millionen Euro eingesammelt. Ubuntu Edge…

Phone and tablet

Bloomberg bets big on the Ubuntu Edge

By Canonical on 7 August 2013

The record-breaking Ubuntu Edge crowdfunding campaign has its first major corporate backer, Bloomberg LP. Bloomberg, the financial information, analytics and news leader, pledged $80,000 towards the campaign in exchange for the Enterprise…

Phone and tablet

Ubuntu Edge

By Canonical on 22 July 2013

Canonical targets crowdfunding record with campaign to accelerate mobile technology with Ubuntu Edge superphone / PC combination $32m campaign to deliver world’s first truly converged personal computing device based on Ubuntu phone OS and…

Phone and tablet

MTN Group joins Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group

By Canonical on 16 July 2013

The newest member of Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group is MTN Group, Africa’s largest multinational mobile telecoms provider operating in 21 countries across the region. MTN has a significant number of business customers who can benefit from…