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OpenStack and Containers live Q&A session

By Alexia Emmanoulopoulou on 20 June 2017

Join us for a 1 hour online session with a cloud expert OpenStack and Containers Office Hours are online Q&A sessions held on an ongoing basis. Their aim is to help community members and customers deploy, manage and scale their Ubuntu-…

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Make IT rain: public cloud on Ubuntu OpenStack

By Canonical on 11 March 2015

Ubuntu OpenStack is the most trusted platform on which to build a public cloud. One of the best things about it is the ease of moving from a proof of concept or small lab-based deployment to a large, scalable, production one. In this…

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Ubuntu partner ecosystem growth continues

By John Dolen on 13 January 2015

Hear what our partners have to say. A primary reason for Ubuntu’s success is an active, and growing ecosystem of partners that work with us to build cloud solutions. This is no accident. We recognize the importance of partner solutions,…

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Telco clouds reach new heights with Ubuntu OpenStack

By Canonical on 18 August 2014

Ubuntu OpenStack is not only the world’s most popular OpenStack distribution, but also the most dominant among so-called “OpenStack super-users”. Canonical works with 7 of the world’s largest Telcos to roll out…

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Cloud and server

Cloud computing: private, public or both?

By Kyle MacDonald on 14 November 2012

This article was published in Virtual Strategy magazine earlier this month. We think you’ll like it, so here it is. “A growing number of organisations worldwide are seeing the value of cloud computing as a way of increasing IT flexibility…

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Do closed clouds slow down time to market?

By Mark Baker on 12 November 2012

Get close to the business. It is a maxim CIOs live by. It means understanding exactly what drives the organisation. In a downturn, everyone wants to cut costs, but in some businesses, this is not as important as other ambitions, such as…

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Cloud computing primer

By nickbarcet on 26 September 2012

Our ebook is about making the cloud as straight forward as possible. If you want to reap the benefits of the open cloud but don’t know exactly where to start then you’re in the right place. This could be your first step towards…