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Where eagles snap – A closer look

By Igor Ljubuncic on 31 January 2019

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about snap security, taking a journey through the eyes of a developer and handing over to a user who wants to install applications from the Snap Store. We discussed concepts like application confinement,…


Secure VPN Connection with Ubuntu Core

By Alan Pope on 12 December 2018

As part of a personal drive to be less dependent on 3rd party Internet services, I’ve moved some things in house, under my own control. This includes self-hosting important shared files, photos and media at home. Which can pose a…

Internet of Things

Who should bear the cost of IoT security: consumers or vendors?

By Canonical on 7 February 2017

Anyone using the internet in Europe and the US on 21st October last year experienced what economists call an externality. It arrived in the form of a massive 1.2 Tbps DDoS attack on Dyn, a US-based internet infrastructure company. This, in…

Internet of Things

azeti using Ubuntu Core for process automation in Industrial IoT

By Amrisha Prashar on 3 November 2016

Do you require IoT technologies to be running smoothly 24 hours a day? Can you not afford mission critical scenarios? Azeti, a provider of IoT technologies take these situations seriously and as a result have chosen Ubuntu core to provide…