Snap support lands in Fedora 24, 25 and 26

By David Callé on 11 April 2017

As part as our mission to get snaps running everywhere, we are pleased to announce that support for snaps has now officially landed in Fedora, starting with Fedora 24 and up. Big thanks to Neal Gompa who has been instrumental in landing…

Cloud and server

LXD on Debian (using snapd)

By Stéphane Graber on 22 February 2017

Introduction So far all my blog posts about LXD have been assuming an Ubuntu host with LXD installed from packages, as a snap or from source. But LXD is perfectly happy to run on any Linux distribution which has the … <a…

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Internet of Things

snapd 2.18: the snap command strikes back

By David Callé on 12 December 2016

Last Thursday, December 8, the snapd team was happy to announce a new release of snapd (2.18), the daemon that enables systems to work with snaps and provides the snap command. It’s time we take a look at what makes this release…

Cloud and server

Leveling up snapd integration tests

By Gustavo Niemeyer on 16 June 2016

Over the last several months there has been noticeable and growing pain associated with the evolving integration tests around snapd, and given the project goal of being a <a…