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Internet of Things

Java on Snappy

By Maarten Ectors on 3 August 2015

Snapcraft is a new tool allowing developers to easily and quickly package their favourite projects as Snappy Apps or Snaps. Since lots of enterprise developers are using Java for IoT, we wanted to show a preview of how to package a Java…

Cloud and server

More Juju, Big Data and Snappy Beauty from Dataart

By Maarten Ectors on 23 July 2015

What do you get when you combine Juju with Spark & Apache Zeppelin, Raspberry Pi with Snappy, Bluetooth Low Energy, DeviceHive and a TI SensorTag? Check out the video from Dataart.

Cloud and server
Cloud and server

Zabbix + IoT/Snappy: allows users to feel the pulse of things

By Canonical on 12 June 2015

Things around us are becoming smarter every day and many tasks we use to perform manually are becoming automated. As our dependency on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology grows, we need to make sure such devices work reliably, securely…

Internet of Things

IoT: RIOT and Snappy connect the smallest of devices

By Canonical on 5 June 2015

RIOT is a smart and developer-friendly open source operating system designed specifically for the Internet of Things. RIOT is vendor-independent and community-driven, based on a microkernel architecture that allows C and C++ application…

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So You Want to Write a Snappy App?

By Canonical on 3 June 2015

Introduction If you are anything like me, you love to write apps for Ubuntu. Like the Ubuntu phone two years ago, snappy is a bit of a green field in terms of IoT related apps. If you are like me and have a Beagle Bone and a Raspberry Pi 2…

Internet of Things

Intel and Canonical collaborate around IoT gateways

By Canonical on 2 June 2015

Intel and Canonical are collaborating around Intel® IOT Gateways and Snappy Ubuntu Core. The Intel® IOT Gateway will come with support for Snap Stores. The Snap Store supports a model where a range of applications will be deployed to a…

Phone and tablet

BQ launches the new Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Edition

By Canonical on 2 June 2015

In February of this year, BQ, the European technology company, launched the Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition, the world´s first smartphone featuring the Ubuntu operating system This latest model, the Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Edition, marks the…

Internet of Things

IoT: Canonical and GE’s FirstBuild Collaborate on Smart Refrigerator

By Canonical on 11 May 2015

San Francisco, CA – May 11, 2015 – FirstBuild, GE Appliances’ new global co-creation community is set to showcase ChillHub, its community-generated smart refrigerator in the Ubuntu booth (Stand 545) at the second annual…

Internet of Things

First drone with apps – Ubuntu Core Drone

By Maarten Ectors on 11 May 2015

This is a guest post from Victor Mayoral from Erle Robotics. Erle-Copter: the first drone with apps powered by Ubuntu Core Over the last months and with the support of Canonical, Erle Robotics engineers have been working hard to bring the…

Cloud and server

Using Snappy OVA Images when you don’t have a Cloud Fabric

By Canonical on 5 May 2015

The Snappy OVA images are nothing more than the Ubuntu Snappy Cloud images that have been wrapped up in an OVA container. Snappy Cloud Images expect to be running within a Cloud environment where a meta-data source is provided. But since…

Cloud and server

DataArt’s DeviceHive platform arrives on Azure Marketplace

By Canonical on 24 April 2015

The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) enables businesses to predict when industrial equipment is going to fail, so that action can be taken beforehand. A leader in this space, DataArt, developed one of the first IoT and big data open…