Systems management

Canonical announces certification and support for the latest Dell PowerEdge servers

By Canonical on 11 March 2013

Canonical today announced that it has signed a collaborative engineering agreement with Dell to support Ubuntu 12.04 LTS across the full range of Dell’s latest 12th generation PowerEdge Servers for Ubuntu Advantage customers. Over 45 Dell…

Cloud and server

Manage thousands of desktops, servers and cloud instances with Landscape

By Canonical on 17 October 2012

Landscape provides a single, easy-to-use, browser-based control panel, through which you can manage your machines from anywhere. With a fully scriptable API, you can integrate it with your current Linux management tools, extending their…

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Cloud and server

Creating the open cloud

By Canonical on 4 May 2012

Amid all the hype surrounding the cloud, there has been a growing need for open and proven components that enable any business to benefit from elastic computing. With public cloud services now widely available and OpenStack established as…


Ubuntu powers online presence for Heart FM, Capital FM and Classic FM

By Canonical on 30 January 2012

Global Radio uses Ubuntu to steamline management and enhance user experience Summary Global Radio, the home of Heart FM, Capital FM and Classic FM, XFM, Choice FM, BigTop40 and LBC is the UK’s premier radio company. To give listeners…

Cloud and server

Canonical launches technical support for Ubuntu on most popular public clouds

By Canonical on 28 July 2011

Full support and systems management services from the Ubuntu experts ready to go for most popular OS on the open public cloud Canonical today announces the launch of Ubuntu Advantage Cloud Guest, a set of technical support services,…


Skalica City Hall reduces costs by 70 per cent with Ubuntu

By admin on 16 December 2010

Landscape systems management simplifies maintenance Summary Based in Slovakia, the Skalica City Hall IT team must provide a reliable and easy-to-use desktop infrastructure to 120 users. The team found that its existing Microsoft Windows…

Cloud and server

Canonical celebrates new UA: Landscape interface with Ubuntu Advantage free trial offer

By Canonical on 1 December 2010

New interface significantly eases feature deployment for systems management tool Canonical today announced a free trial to showcase the entirely new interface for its systems management solution, Ubuntu Advantage: Landscape. Landscape has…


Canonical welcomes new partners following latest Ubuntu 10.10 release

By Canonical on 10 November 2010

Ubuntu 10.10 launch in October drew strong partner interest Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, announced today the signing of several significant partnerships following the release last month of Ubuntu 10.10. Boxed Ice, Opsview,…

Centralised logging with rsyslog

By Canonical on 4 October 2010

The management of multiple systems requires the setup of tools to control the servers behaviour in real time and post analysis. Moreover, regulations and best practices often require the IT department to maintain an accurate log of all…


Landscape contributes to the doubling of Context Media’s advertising performance

By Canonical on 4 October 2010

Chicago-based company Context Media builds waiting room TV networks that help healthcare professionals educate and inspire their patients as they make crucial decisions about their lifestyle and clinical treatment. IT is critical to the…

Emphony Technologies achieves 100 per cent uptime with Ubuntu

By Canonical on 4 October 2010

New business Emphony Technologies needed to implement a cost-effective, reliable and available IT infrastructure. It wanted to introduce a server environment on which its infrastructure that project management applications and common…