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Juju for Telcos and Service Providers Pt. 2

By Artur Tyloch on 23 July 2015

In the first blog of this series I introduced Juju and how it maps to the ETSI NFV architecture at the highest level. Now I’ll dig deeper into this relationship to see how it can be leveraged by telcos and service providers. So lets…

Internet of Things

Flying mobile base stations

By Maarten Ectors on 9 July 2015

Lime Microsystems builds open source hardware chips to enable any type of wireless communication, called software defined radio. Elre-robotics makes app-enabled open source drones with Snappy Ubuntu Core. Are you able to create flying…

Cloud and server

Juju for Telcos and Service Providers Pt. 1

By Artur Tyloch on 1 July 2015

I joined Canonical a year ago to work with the telco ecosystem – Network Operators, Communication Equipment Providers and innovative new players and startups interested in expanding or building their presence in the telco domain.…

Cloud and server

Ubuntu 15.04: What’s new for cloud users?

By Canonical on 21 April 2015

Ubuntu 15.04: OpenStack ready to roll with Kilo and first outing of Snappy Core Adds LXD, a new hypervisor with incredible density and speed First release of Snappy Ubuntu Core for cloud container hosts and smart devices OpenStack “Kilo”…

Cloud and server

Ericsson and Canonical partner to drive cloud innovation

By Canonical on 26 March 2015

Three-year partnership to support industry with proven cloud technology and drive cloud innovation Innovation around OPNFV (NFV/VNF) and IT cloud Ericsson to deploy Ubuntu Server OS as Host OS for Cloud offering Canonical, the company…

Cloud and server

How to face the challenges of becoming a cloud operator

By Canonical on 11 March 2015

In a shifting market, the traditional revenues of telcos and service providers are under threat. Voice revenues are at an all-time low, and high wireless data costs are negatively impacting margins. As an additional challenge, many…

Cloud and server
Cloud and server

Ubuntu OpenStack — the natural choice for telcos and service providers

By Canonical on 18 August 2014

As a Telco or Cloud Service Provider, you have much more stringent requirements of your infrastructure than a normal enterprise. You expect high availability, almost 100% uptime, and the ability to scale infrastructure and services up and…

Cloud and server

Telco clouds reach new heights with Ubuntu OpenStack

By Canonical on 18 August 2014

Ubuntu OpenStack is not only the world’s most popular OpenStack distribution, but also the most dominant among so-called “OpenStack super-users”. Canonical works with 7 of the world’s largest Telcos to roll out…


Vodafone Webbook with Ubuntu software launched in South Africa

By admin on 18 October 2011

Canonical today announces that Vodacom, the African subsidiary of Vodafone, has launched the Vodafone Webbook, which is available to users exclusively with the Ubuntu software. The goal of the product is to bring an affordable, full-…