Cloud and server

Tutorial: Install single-server OpenStack with conjure-up

By David Callé on 2 February 2018

OpenStack is the de facto open source standard to build private and public clouds. We believe deploying and getting familiar with OpenStack should be an easy task for all developers, that’s why we have built conjure-up, a simple…


Tutorial: Install Ubuntu on a Chromebook

By David Callé on 30 January 2018

Chromebooks have gained popularity as relatively inexpensive web-centric laptops. They give access to web-based and native applications through the Chrome store, but what if you want to do more with them? Installing Ubuntu on a Chromebook…

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Cloud and server


By Canonical on 18 October 2017

This is a guest post by Michael Iatrou, cloud solutions architect at Canonical OpenStack is the dominant solution in the IaaS space, fueled by the need for reliable, scalable and interoperable private cloud infrastructure to accommodate…

Cloud and server

How to set up Kubernetes with conjure-up and monitor apps with Weave

By Marco Ceppi on 17 August 2017

On August 2, Luke Marsden (Weaveworks) and Marco Ceppi (Canonical) presented a webinar on how to Speed up your software development lifecycle with Kubernetes. In the session they described how you can use conjure-up and Weave Cloud to set…

Cloud and server
Internet of Things

A couple of new snap tutorials are now available

By didrocks on 2 March 2017

We are really proud to announce a new couple of snaps tutorials now available on https://tutorials.ubuntu.com The first one is a pure community contribution thanks to Simos Xenitellis who did a first draft on his own blog. With only a…

Internet of Things

tutorials.ubuntu.com goes live!

By didrocks on 20 January 2017

We are really proud to announce that Tutorials Ubuntu went live this week! What are ubuntu tutorials? Ubuntu tutorials are a topic-specific walkthroughs, giving you a very practical experience on a particular domain. They are just like…

Cloud and server

Adding hardware support to MAAS

By Canonical on 9 April 2014

MAAS and power MAAS, or Metal as a Service, is a tool for treating physical servers similarly to cloud resources. It lets you take a pile of hardware and assign workloads to it without worrying about all the support infrastructure…

Phone and tablet

Easy app publishing on Ubuntu

By Canonical on 27 February 2014

Developing your app for Ubuntu? Want to understand Ubuntu’s app publishing process? Today we have released a step by step video guide which shows just how easy it is to publish your app on Ubuntu. Jono Bacon, Head of Community at…

Cloud and server

Juju: a robust cloud strategy built on choice

By Canonical on 17 December 2013

Ubuntu is the reference platform for scale out computing. Some manifestations of scale out computing include: edge of network workloads, dev/test environments, big data (Hadoop), and Cloud (OpenStack). Not only do all these next-generation…

Cloud and server

Interested in MAAS and Juju? Here’s how to try it in a VM

By Canonical on 15 November 2013

The backbone for scale-out workload deployments in Ubuntu, such as big data (Hadoop), cloud (OpenStack), and layered applications is a combination of Metal-as-a-Service (MAAS) and Juju. These exciting open-source projects, offer…