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Using bcache for performance gains on the Launchpad Database Servers

By Tom Haddon on 10 December 2015

Launchpad is the code hosting, bug tracking and build system for the Ubuntu distribution itself, and is used by many other software projects, including OpenStack, Inkscape & MySQL. There are two main data stores in Launchpad. The…

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Deploying OpenStack on MAAS 1.9+ with Juju

By dimitern on 8 November 2015

In the past months our Juju Core Sapphire team has been working on the design, planning, and implementation of a set of extended networking features for Juju 1.25 and the upcoming (January 2016) 1.26 releases. The main focus is enabling…

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PC Power Control with a Raspberry Pi and MAAS

By Canonical on 23 September 2015

I recently decided to setup a small cluster of computers at home to be managed by Juju and MAAS. The computers are in the attic which meant that finger based power management was going to quickly lose its appeal. Many of my friends and…

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ODS Video: Making Large-scale Data Centre Deployment Easy With MAAS

By Alexia Emmanoulopoulou on 30 July 2015

Why has cloud computing been so successful? Arguably, it’s the 70s-style pay-as-you-go model of computing that allows companies a low-cost way to build a cloud from zero. More importantly, it’s how the cloud solves the problem…

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Deploying OpenStack from source to scalable multi-node environments

By Corey Bryant on 17 June 2015

The Juju OpenStack charms now have support for deploying OpenStack from source! This means that you can point the charms at the OpenStack git repositories/branches of your choice, whether they’re the well known upstream repos or your own…

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Cloudbase and Canonical partner to bring Windows Hyper-V Support

By Canonical on 21 May 2015

Partners bring Windows Hyper-V support to managed OpenStack clouds Cloudbase Solutions, the developer of Windows components in OpenStack, announced today that it is partnering with Canonical to enable their customers to run KVM and Hyper-V…

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The Open Enterprise Cloud – OpenStack’s Holy Grail?

By Canonical on 19 May 2015

The way people think about the enterprise IT is changing fast, putting into question many common assumptions on how hardware and software should be designed and deployed. The upending of these long held tenets of Enterprise IT are…

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Ubuntu 15.04: What’s new for cloud users?

By Canonical on 21 April 2015

Ubuntu 15.04: OpenStack ready to roll with Kilo and first outing of Snappy Core Adds LXD, a new hypervisor with incredible density and speed First release of Snappy Ubuntu Core for cloud container hosts and smart devices OpenStack “Kilo”…

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Cloud and server

MAAS 1.9 network layouts for the Landscape Autopilot

By Andreas Hasenack on 10 April 2015

Thanks for your interest in Ubuntu OpenStack. Canonical has sunsetted OpenStack Autopilot and replaced it with conjure-up. We welcome you to visit our OpenStack product page to find an Ubuntu OpenStack solution that meets your needs.…

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Cloud and server

Fairbanks joins Cloud Partner Program

By Canonical on 19 March 2015

Dutch OpenStack experts, Fairbanks, is the latest organisation to join Canonical’s Cloud Partner Program. Fairbanks becomes another company in Canonical’s ranks of expert partners across Europe focused on reselling Canonical’s business…