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Introducing pylxd

By Canonical on 27 May 2015

In part of my work for nova-compute-lxd, we use a combination of httplib, UNIX domain sockets, and JSON to talk to the LXD daemon via the REST API. Talking to various people involved in the LXD project, I have decided to split this part of…

Cloud and server

Getting started with LXD – the container lightervisor

By Stéphane Graber on 28 April 2015

Introduction For the past 6 months, Serge Hallyn, Tycho Andersen, Chuck Short, Ryan Harper and myself have been very busy working on a new container project called LXD. Ubuntu 15.04, due to be released this Thursday, will contain LXD 0.7…

Cloud and server

Here comes Kilo and 15.04! Containers will never be the same again!

By Mark Baker on 22 April 2015

Today Ubuntu 15.04, codenamed Vivid Vervet, is released with a host of new features for clouds and servers. 15.04 comes a full year since the last Long Term Support (LTS) release and a year before the next LTS so represents a milestone in…

Cloud and server
Cloud and server

Introducing lxcfs

By Tom Callway on 2 March 2015

Last year around this time, we announced the availability of cgmanager, a daemon allowing users and programs to easily administer and delegate cgroups over a dbus interface. It was key to supporting nested containers and unprivileged…